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Digital print

Digital print is the latest innovation in textile printing. The INKJET based printing method enables the manufacturers to print almost any design on various kinds of fabric. During printing, we use digitally designed files that provide the printer with all the necessary information about colours.

Digital print enables a much cheaper and faster reproduction with the possibility of adjusting the design on site. There is also the possibility of reproducing patterns of limitless forms and colours in very short time adjusting to the market demands.

Advantages of digital print:

  • Limitless combinations of colours
  • High resolution
  • Environmentally friendly colours compared to other printing techniques (less ink waste, high savings on energy and water)
  • Limitless number of repetitions
  • Creating large and small print series
  • Quality print on a wide spectrum of materials (silk, wool, polyester, viscose, mixed fabric, cotton)

Fabric intended for digital print has to be previously treated and coated, thus creating a transfer layer for improving the transfer, thickness and efficiency of ink.

The colours used in digital textile printing are sublimation and pigment. Sublimation ink is intended for printing on polyester textile, while pigment is used for printing on cotton. After printing on fabric, the colour has to be fixed, which is done by means of calendar at a certain temperature, depending on the type of fabric…

Digital print is the ideal choice for creating personalized, unique items or for mass production of various adjusted products.

Digital printing process

  • Graphic prepress
  • Choice of material
  • Digital printing on a printer
  • Colour fixing
  • Manufacture of fabric

Brochure: Digital print (open)


Digital print of flags

Making flags by digital printing technology, on quality weather-resistant materials. We make standard flags of municipalities, cities, counties and states, as well as advertising flags upon request.

We also offer the possibility of graphic prepress and graphic design by our graphic designers.