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About us

The company OZO Konfekcija, founded in 2007, developed from a small family craft. It currently has 130 employees trained for making clothing in fully equipped production plant stretching on 4000 m2.

We specialize in producing clothes (jackets, dresses, trousers, coats), digital printing in pigment and sublimation ink on fabric, embroidered emblems – machine embroidery and distribution of promotional items and protective equipment. Our faithful partners and clients, with whom we have a successful and long-lasting cooperation, confirm the quality of our services and products. Since the very beginnings, we have been keeping up with the rise of new technologies and we have developed according to the needs of the market.

City of Oroslavje

The city of Oroslavje stretches on 32 square kilometres and, besides the narrow Oroslavje, it encompasses the settlements of Andraševac, Krušljevo Selo, Mokrice, Slatina and Gornje Oroslavje. It has about 6500 inhabitants. It gained the status of a city in 1997 although its name was mentioned already at the beginning of the 13th century. Oroslavje is situated in the area bordering on Zagrebačka County on the southern side, City of Zabok on the north-western side, Municipality Bedekovčina and the City of Donja Stubica on the eastern side and the Municipality of Stubiče Toplice on the south-eastern side. It also borders with the municipalities of Veliko Trgovišće and Jakovlje. Oroslavje is situated on the crossroads of the main traffic routes, Western Europe, Zagreb, Adriatic Coast, Slavonia, which opens the doors for economic, agricultural, tourist and cultural development.

Industrial centre

With the arrival of industrialization at the end of the 1930s, Oroslavje became the largest industrial centre in Hrvatsko Zagorje, particularly in the area of textile industry. A rich social, cultural and sports life developed along with the industrial progress, so the first textile school in the area of the former Yugoslavia was founded in Oroslavje in 1927.
Oroslavje textile industry, the foundation of the city’s development, is almost gone today, but our company manages to resist such tendencies and has for years been successful in operating and spreading its production capacities, constantly working on quality improvement by investing into new production processes, technologies and training its employees.